Another primary goal of Pineapple Cove Academy is to provide a safe environment for children and to instill parents with a sense of security while their children are in our care. We take this commitment seriously and have systems in place to ensure this goal is carried out. Our children are never left unattended or unsupervised while in the care of Pineapple Cove Academy staff and management team.

Classrooms, playgrounds, and common areas are equipped with closed circuit cameras to allow constant monitoring by administration. There is immediate phone access in the building at all times. Every classroom phone prominently displays all emergency contact numbers. The entry of PCA is equipped with a magnetic lock and coded keypad for added security.

Our administrative team is centrally located to screen visitors upon arrival. A fence surrounds our entire playground and gates remain secured. Our entire staff is First Aid/CPR certified and trained in Fire Safety. Fire drills are conducted monthly and severe weather drills are conducted quarterly.


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