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About our Academy…and our concept.

The Pineapple Cove Academy™ story is one that blends hospitality with quality pre-school education.
Founders Beth Scott, John and Thomas Moran envisioned creating an environment where children (and parents!) feel as comfortable as if they were in their own home.

The founders are lifelong entrepreneurs whose business experiences led to the creation of Pineapple Cove Academy™ in 2003. Their goal was to create an early-learning educational facility to foster and teach children during their formative years, crucial to a youngster’s future success. Together, John, Beth and Thomas imagined, created and implemented what today is Pineapple Cove Academy.

The pineapple has served as a symbol of hospitality and a warm welcome through the history of the Americas. The Pineapple Cove Academy™ program teaches children from ages 6 weeks to five years, and provides after care for ages 6 to 12. In addition, they offer summer camp activities.

The founders are well-known and respected in educational circles nationally; in addition to the Pineapple Cove Academies, they have built and operate a number of charter schools throughout the region. In furthering the education of the Academy’s future leaders, they partnered with Hillsdale College and founded Pineapple Cove Classical Academy Charter Schools in 2015. Demand from parents for a K-8 opportunity that matches the rigorous and successful VPK (Voluntary Pre Kindergarten) program has been the impetus for Pineapple Cove Classical Academy’s inception.
The commitment to quality early education is what sets the Pineapple Cove Academy™ founders and team apart in the industry. They understand the importance of quality and caring education in a welcoming environment. That’s a big part of the Pineapple Cove Academy™ story.

With three locations – Palm Bay, Melbourne and West Melbourne – the founders are ready to step onto a bigger stage. Are you interested in coming along?

A Letter from our founders

Hello, and we’re glad you have stopped by our Pineapple Cove™ franchising website! We have prepared these pages to introduce our franchising opportunity for those who may be looking to be part of the very best that the early educational field has to offer.

As we franchise our concept, we’re seeking people to join our special brand.
Maybe you have experience in the field of education or child care and have thought about the advantages of owning and operating your own school or center. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who recognizes a promising business opportunity when you see one.

No matter what reason brought you here, thank you for visiting! To help you get a little better acquainted with us and our unique offering, we have prepared this franchising website.
We hope you’ll read through our pages carefully, and then perhaps take that next step. We are proud of the brand and the reputation we have built and are looking for a few quality individuals to team up with us as we expand. If you like what you see, please contact us!

Beth Scott, John, and Thomas Moran

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Academy concept: A friendly atmosphere

The founders wanted a “homey” look and feel to their schools. Founder Beth Scott says it best: “When we built schools, we wanted just the right look and feel to the classrooms, the playground, and the overall atmosphere. My children weren’t young enough at this point to attend preschool, but if they were, this is exactly where I would want them to be.”
She continued, “A number of our parents and visitors have commented on the friendly feel and atmosphere of our buildings and have asked if we designed them ourselves. Yes we did! A great deal of thought and research went into the effort. We see great value in having a unique and memorable design to set the tone that distinguishes us from everyone else in the business. Key to that friendly look and feel is the pineapple, a symbol of friendliness and welcoming. The ‘pineapple way’ is our brand. We wanted that “homey” feeling that the pineapple conveys. From the warm home-like feeling in a lobby to the playful and inviting feeling of the hallways, we want our students, families, and visitors to feel that they are in some place that is very special.
Our lobbies, for example, consist of items you’d find in your own home. A walk through a lobby shows an attractive chandelier, bookcases, and photos of the children in our lobbies. Our lobbies look like homes.
The Pineapple Cove Academy™ appeal extends well beyond the attractiveness of the buildings! People love the culture, talking about the inviting atmosphere existing in the schools. The Pineapple Cove Academy™ events throughout the year bring the community and school together in a special way – from customized photo shoots (complete with Hawaiian garb and ukuleles) to a Valentine’s Dance to an Extravagant VPK graduation, Fairy Tale Ball, and special Snowy Winter Wonderland performances. The fall season brings pumpkin picking, hayrides, Pilgrim costumes, and storytelling. There is always something to appeal to every interest. Our families tell us, “We feel the happiness here. We feel the warmth that this place exudes.”
Our culture embodies the “pineapple way.” Teachers, directors, and all team members are taught how we treat others – which is how we want to be treated in return. This is a school, but it’s so much more – it’s a village. We all hold each other up. Our teachers send presents and well wishes to families when someone feels sick. One of our founders has been known to give families a free week of services if the person has lost a job or encountered some roadblock. We are a special place. And we invite you to consider becoming part of something truly special.

Our Academy: Early care and early education makes the positive difference

The three founders brought not only their considerable energy but their unique backgrounds that spanned business, education, and marketing to work as they built the Pineapple Cove Academy™ model. The idea first came to them in 2003, and they built upon it steadily to the point where, today, they operate three successful locations: Palm Bay, Melbourne and West Melbourne.
Pineapple Cove Academy has grown along with the extraordinary children that have been part of its story since its opening in April 2006, serving Brevard County with three convenient locations. The Pineapple Cove Academy™ early learning facilities set the standards for what a successful and academically-oriented preschool should be.
They believe that early care and early education make a positive difference in the lives of children, their families, and our community.
The unique brand has a Hawaiian and coastal look and feel (in fact, the school uniforms are made in Hawaii). They envision their franchisees operating from a free-standing building, somewhere between 9500 and 16,000 square feet, modeled after one of the three existing schools.
They know that it takes families, teachers, and a management team working together to provide the ultimate in quality care and education for the future leaders who come through the doors. School founders, Directors, Assistant Directors, and Teachers are available to families every day. Pineapple Cove Academy™ greatly values the parents’ input, support, and confidence and encourages partnerships in many ways. The Academy proudly boasts an “Open Door” policy where parents and family are encouraged to visit any time.

What you’ll see – and what franchisees will offer to their families.

The standard Pineapple Cove Academy™ menu of services includes a proven, structured curriculum that promotes and encourages academic success. We report to parents on this success through portfolios for each child, where teachers can include the child’s art projects, writing samples, pictures and progress reports. And for our VPK students, we host parent/teacher conferences twice a year to keep our parents informed of their child’s progress.
And we do much more to stay in touch! School newsletters and calendars are distributed each month by our team, and our Pineapple Cove Academy™ specialty programs include the Peppy Pineapple Cheer Team, Pineapple Pro Sports, Pineapple Prima Ballerinas, Canvas & Clay, and Keiki Karate. In addition, we communicate through our constantly updated website as well as through the Tadpoles Parent App.
Parents and families can feel secure about the well-being of their loves ones with the Pineapple Cove Academy™ security measures including coded door locks, closed-circuit cameras, and secured fencing throughout.
Not only are our families secure, but they are also well cared for with nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) prepared on site.
Our many activities afford numerous opportunities for families to get together and join in celebrating their child’s Pineapple Cove Academy™ experience.
With the franchisees that we choose, we will help them from the ground up to build a Pineapple Cove Academy™ location that will be an integral part of the community.

About our franchise offering: What we offer, who we’re looking for.

The Pineapple Cove Academy™ opportunity is a highly-specialized one. We love what we do; we are proud of the brand and the reputation that we have built, and we are looking for like-minded professionals who want to join the Pineapple Cove Academy™ family.
Maybe you are a teacher seeking the chance to go out on your own. Or perhaps you have other child care experience. If you love children and believe in providing a warm and nurturing environment for children and a welcoming atmosphere for their parents, you should talk with us and learn more about the opportunity we are offering.
Experience is helpful – but what is equally (and perhaps even more) important is that our franchisees have the right qualities of leadership. Our franchisees must be energetic, organized, and business-minded, and have the know-how to hire the right people. That’s been the success of our schools; hiring the right people. We want people with drive, passion, empathy, and who love children.
An owner, if she or he is not a credentialed director, would need to recruit one to be part of the team. Individuals in Florida, for example, will need to earn the FCCPC (Florida Child Care Professional Credential) or the CDA (Child Development Associate) credential. We will work with our franchisees to help them with the timeline of opening a location.
We will support our franchisees through the process of getting your school up and running. As an example, it may take several years from start to opening. If, for example, it is a 2.5 year process to completion and opening date, we would provide our franchisees with a systematic process for them to seek to hire their staff between six and eight months prior to opening. A good goal is to plan a team of 20 professionals. We recommend a Director, Assistant Director, and the appropriate staff (one per classroom).
Our franchisees will be people who love to go to work every day, love to work with the public, and who are committed to providing the families they will serve with an experience second to none.

Franchising and how it Works.

A question that prospective franchisees sometimes ask is “Why should I buy a franchise? Couldn’t I simply go out and start my own business?” Certainly, some people do enter the business world in that manner. So, what is the real value of purchasing a franchise rather than “going it alone”?
On your own, you might well experience a large “learning curve.” What are the right types of publications to advertise in? What type of insurance should I carry? Are there collateral materials that would best market my business? How do I promote my business? What kind of Client Management software programs should I use?
Without the professional training, business experience, or connections it takes to succeed, it can be difficult to get off the ground. Many small business owners begin by hiring outside individuals with experience just for advice. Opening a business independently takes time and money.
That isn’t to say that franchising doesn’t require time and money, also. However, as a franchisee, you enjoy a number of advantages that a stand-alone, independent start-up does not. You begin with the accumulated experience, know-how, business practices and operating plan that come with a franchise.
As a franchisee, you enjoy name-brand recognition and a network of support provides an immediate and distinct competitive edge over the independent, stand-alone business. You can avoid that costly trial-and-error period that causes so many problems for start-up businesses. As a franchisee, you’ll “hit the ground running.”
The Pineapple Cove Academy™ opportunity gives franchisees the ready-made framework within which to build a successful business.
Please contact us today for additional information. We’d love to talk with you!

Do I need prior experience to become a Pineapple Cove Academy™ franchisee?

Each franchisee will need a certified Director who has the appropriate licenses and credentials, which vary by location. The franchisee need not necessarily be the Director, but if not, the franchisee would be responsible for recruiting and hiring a Director and Assistant Director. We will guide our franchisees through these processes.

Where should I locate my business?

Our understanding of the market has enabled us to compile location criteria based upon traffic count, population centers, and consumer habits. We will invest considerable time and energy to help each franchisee with the right location, and the steps that it will take to open your Pineapple Cove Academy™ location. We will work with you to select the best demographic location for your new venture!

How does a Pineapple Cove Academy™ franchise differ from other business opportunities?

Individuals who are considering franchising may look at a number of different opportunities. What sets the Pineapple Cove Academy™ opportunity apart is that it offers not only a business opportunity but also a chance to make a difference in the lives of families by providing quality care and preschool services.

What do I do next?

Please take a few minutes and complete the information on the “Preliminary Information Sheet” which you will find in this document. We will review it and, if it looks like we would be a good fit together, will contact you to set up a meeting. Thank you very much for your interest!

What Our Parents Are Saying.

I am so incredibly sad to inform you that my daughter will be leaving Pineapple Cove Academy due to relocating to another state.  Both her and I are not pleased about the move and will miss Pineapple Cove so much.  I loved being part of the Pineapple family since my first child started back in 2019 and truly enjoyed everything you do with the kids and parents including Veterans Day parade, fairy tale ball, the Christmas event, Valentine’s Day dance, luau, egg hunt, Mother’s Day tea, hotdogs with dad, etc. In times where parents were no longer allowed in other daycares, we were still welcome and that meant so much.  I always felt so proud to say my kids went to Pineapple Cove (the best daycare around) and would always brag about all the activities and how much better they were than other schools.  I’m so sad to think my daughter won’t have that amazing VPK graduation like my son had.  I love that everyone there knew our whole family and I felt safe knowing that whether it was my son at summer camp or after care or my daughter going from room to room, everyone knew them.  I’m sad my son misses out on summer camp this year that does so so much with them and makes it a true “camp” feel with their “cabins.”  Water play, creative clubs, all the pictures, even the beautiful building, Hawaiian theme and the huge American flag that (I have noticed) is always in good condition as it should be.  Most importantly all of the teachers and administrators that go above and beyond for all the kiddos every day.  I know it’s hard work and they all do such a good job keeping parents up to date with Tadpoles, pictures and phone calls if needed, I have nothing but good things to say about everyone there.  I love everything about Pineapple Cove Academy and I know I’ll never find a daycare as good as you guys. 

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for our kids and us over the years!


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