Creative Clubs

The fun never ends at Pineapple Cove Academy. We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to add excitement and new learning opportunities to our weekly curriculum. How do you decide what your child participates in? Every child is different, and their needs and ability to engage in extra curricular activities can vary from year to year, even from season to season. Allowing your child to get involved is a wise choice and can be a significant part of your child’s growth.

Join the Peppy Pineapples of the PCA Cheer Team as we RAH! RAH! RAH! in the community and boost school spirit! A fun peppy exercise and fitness program for ages 3 and up teaches teamwork, discipline, communication, and coordination. The cheer team will perform at Pineapple Cove Academy events and serve as our honorary PCA cheerleaders in the community! Please see administration for tuition and uniform information.

The Pineapple Pro Sports Club is an exciting sports program that teaches children at an early age the invaluable concepts of responsibility, respect, leadership, cooperation, and teamwork through sports related activities. An early introduction to these concepts builds positive character traits in children that will last a lifetime. The program activities are age and skill specific, fun, and use creative techniques all in a safe environment. For children ages 3-VPK.

Pineapple Prima Ballerinas is a 45 minute weekly class designed to teach the fundamentals of dance including; movement, coordination, rhythm, timing and memorization along with building self esteem. Pineapple Cove Academy is proud to partner with Nicole Cote School of Dance offering ballet and tap for our 2-5 year olds.

Pineapple Keiki Karate at Pineapple Cove Academy is an excellent program that helps students benefit by learning: Self-Discipline, Respect, Self-Esteem, Coordination, Focus, Self-Defense, and Honesty. For children ages 3-VPK.

What Our Parents Are Saying.

I am so incredibly sad to inform you that my daughter will be leaving Pineapple Cove Academy due to relocating to another state.  Both her and I are not pleased about the move and will miss Pineapple Cove so much.  I loved being part of the Pineapple family since my first child started back in 2019 and truly enjoyed everything you do with the kids and parents including Veterans Day parade, fairy tale ball, the Christmas event, Valentine’s Day dance, luau, egg hunt, Mother’s Day tea, hotdogs with dad, etc. In times where parents were no longer allowed in other daycares, we were still welcome and that meant so much.  I always felt so proud to say my kids went to Pineapple Cove (the best daycare around) and would always brag about all the activities and how much better they were than other schools.  I’m so sad to think my daughter won’t have that amazing VPK graduation like my son had.  I love that everyone there knew our whole family and I felt safe knowing that whether it was my son at summer camp or after care or my daughter going from room to room, everyone knew them.  I’m sad my son misses out on summer camp this year that does so so much with them and makes it a true “camp” feel with their “cabins.”  Water play, creative clubs, all the pictures, even the beautiful building, Hawaiian theme and the huge American flag that (I have noticed) is always in good condition as it should be.  Most importantly all of the teachers and administrators that go above and beyond for all the kiddos every day.  I know it’s hard work and they all do such a good job keeping parents up to date with Tadpoles, pictures and phone calls if needed, I have nothing but good things to say about everyone there.  I love everything about Pineapple Cove Academy and I know I’ll never find a daycare as good as you guys. 

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for our kids and us over the years!


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