Pineapple Prep Tutoring
At Pineapple Cove Academy we recognize that every grade level and each student has his or her own unique challenges and requirements. This is why we created a completely customizable tutoring program to suit your student’s individual needs and grade-level obstacles for kindergarten through sixth grade.

Pineapple Prep uses the most advanced curriculum in tutoring combined with a positive learning environment, resulting in more learning per hour. We maintain a low student to tutor ratio, so every student receives a wealth of individualized instruction from qualified tutors who are committed to your student’s success.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation where our staff will listen to your concerns to help identify problem areas to determine the best approach to meet your child's goals. Our instructors expertly address weaknesses and guide each student toward self-directed learning. Instructors continually monitor each student's motivation and progress.

Open communication is key to your child's success. Parents receive reports on sessions noting student preparation, energy, and progress. We also realize the importance of communicating with our students' schools to support classroom curriculum. Visit the Pineapple Prep Tutoring web site for more information.




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