The symbol of the pineapple has always been synonymous with a sense of welcome, home and family. The vision of Pineapple Cove Academy was to have an environment that parents and children felt as though they were in an atmosphere similar to their own home, with a feeling of security the moment they walked through our front doors. This sentiment has been the core philosophy of PCA since our inception. Pineapple Cove Academy’s vision extends a warm, welcoming environment that is safe and secure for our children and families.

John, Beth and Thomas Moran, are the founders of Pineapple Cove Academy. John and Beth Moran have been long-time entrepreneurs with a culmination of life long experiences that led to the creation of Pineapple Cove Academy. Thomas Moran began his career 35 years ago as a General Contractor; his craftsmanship and meticulous skill assisted with the beauty of PCA. Their goal was to create the ultimate academy in early-learning education to nurture and teach children during their formative years, crucial to a youngster’s future success.  Together, John, Beth and Thomas imagined, created and implemented what today is Pineapple Cove Academy.

John, Beth and Tommy Moran

John Moran, Beth Moran, Austyn Moran and Tommy Moran

Mission Statement

At Pineapple Cove Academy, we believe that children should have the opportunity to learn in a positive, loving and safe environment in order to become healthy, responsible and confident adults. Hands-on learning experiences and child-initiated activities encourage each child’s imagination, natural curiosity and self-esteem. In addition, we provide parents with peace of mind knowing that their child is safe while receiving a quality education at PCA.



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