If you love children and and are experienced in the child care profession you could be a good candidate for a position at Pineapple Cove Academy. If interested we have an application form for you to review and download. Then contact us by phone or email for a possible interview.

Any person hoping for consideration as a teacher at Pineapple Cove Academy must have either completed or is currently enrolled in course work through The Department of Children and Families 40 hours required training. Because of Pineapple Cove Academy’s status as an A.P.P.L.E. and Gold Seal accredited school, all lead teachers must hold a current FCCPC (formerly known as CDA). All teachers are First Aid/CPR certified within 30 days of employment. In addition, each year our teachers obtain 24 in-service training hours related to early childhood development.  We take pride in our staff and make sure they are educated and kept abreast of the many changes in this field.

Download the Pinapple Cove Academy Employment Application below:

Pineapple Cove Academy Employment Application

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