At Honu Cove Café, Pineapple Cove’s cafeteria, children two and over are encouraged to socialize through our family style dining. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are served at Honu Cove Café daily. However, family-style is much more than just the serving of food. Mealtime at Honu Cove Café, is active learning time and offers opportunities for discovery, trial and error, and child-initiated behavior.

Family-style dining is defined as adults and children eating together, sharing the same menu, and talking together in an informal way. Family-style dining also means that children are allowed to eat their meals and snacks in a manner that promotes the type of beneficial activities they might experience in their home environment, including activities that promote decision making, self-help skills, and sharing and social skills through interaction with others.

Honu Cove Cafe
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